However, threat is everywhere and your biggest threat are burglars. Sometimes even at your own home, there is always a possibility for break-ins. If you want to be secured, seriously consider these ways to keep your home safe.

Smoke detectors are also important Home Security tool that should be built into every level of your house and in areas near bedrooms so that you can know right away if there is fire and immediately ask for help and vacate the premises with your kids.

Structured wiring is a way to distribute a home automation system either throughout a house or in an area of a home. A home automation system is added to an area when a home is being built, which is the best way to accomplish this. It is less mess and cost a little less as well. Otherwise, it is possible to add the wiring for a home automation system to a house that is already built. It is a lot more work and mess as well as costing more.

Instead of an audio alarm clock with a buzzing noise or music, a vibrating alarm clock under the pillow or mattress will indicate that it is time to wake up.

Sliding Doors – In order to protect a sliding door, just place a broomstick in the track to keep the door from sliding. But to offer extra protection, be sure to install a pin lock that will help keep the sliding door from being lifted off its track.

There are the rare home invaders that don’t care if the inhabitants are home or not, and a home security system helps against these predators as well. In 2003, over 2.1 million homes were burglarized and a total of 3.5 billion dollars lost. Don’t let your home be another statistic.

Consider also having a dog. They are perfect for being a companion pet as well as a protection dog. At least you can rely on them to guard your house from intruders. As long as they have proper dog obedience training, they can be useful to detect suspicious activities and burglars. More importantly, they will keep your home safe and prevent break-ins.