Most homes have dead spots where light doesn’t shine at night. They make for perfect hiding places for the bad guys so they can get into your home. The perfect way to overcome these dead spots is to install a motion activated spotlight.

Technology has evolved making a home automation system more accessible. These systems can control many things in the home or just a few elements. Some examples are the internal and external lights, Home Security tool, window blinds, thermostats, entertainment systems and appliances.

A basic set up would consist of a series of door and window sensors, interior motion detector and a central control keypad panel. The control panel is usually hooked up to a monitoring service that can alert the authorities in the event of a break in. The monitoring service usually costs around .00- .00 per month depending on the type of system installed.

Make your house appear as busy as Grand Central Station. Thieves like empty houses when they are out in search of a place to rob. If no one is around, chances are they will have at least a short time frame in which they can rummage through your things. Make it look as if your house is always full of people by using light and tv timers to come on after dark. Burglars will always keep looking when it seems there is someone at home.

Check on discounts. Companies that sell insurance offer a wide array of discounts. Before taking out a policy, learn about all of the ones that you qualify for. You might be surprised about how many you can receive. In fact, you could save quite a lot on the price of your cover if you qualify for multiple discounts.

If your alarm goes off when there is no emergency, enter the cancellation code into the keypad immediately, and then call your burglar alarm service to confirm.

Thankfully, a lot of the time when a boyfriend sees that you have taken this much trouble they will leave you alone. Having a support system of family and friends make it hard for ex-boyfriends to stick around. Do not isolate yourself from others.

Breaking and entering is the most common way for intruders to get into your home. In order to stop them from doing this, you need to make sure that all of your locks are reinforced and updated to be safe and sound. You should put good locks on all your windows and doors. Especially your back doors and windows since those are usually targeted by burglars. You should use more than one lock if you can and deadbolts as well.