Blinds conceal and give protection to you, while flimsy curtains plainly advertise that you’re always on your own inside the home. In addition, flimsy curtains could make it easy for any individual to look inside and have a look at your home security safeguards.

Whenever there is less risk involved, insurance will usually be cheaper. If you’re a good driver with a good record for example, you’ll get a discount on car insurance. Similarly, if your home is protected by an advanced home security system, you should expect to get a discount on your home insurance. This is especially true if you have all of the optional upgrades installed.

If you live in the city, a downtown area, or in an average subdivision, you would be wise to look at Home Security tool. Yes, smoke alarms work for fires, but it is so much better to have everything in one unit. That way if there is ever a problem, emergency services will be called whether or not you are there.

Watch your neighborhood and know what’s going on. After I was robbed twice in the same year I began watching who was coming and going from my neighborhood, who they were with, and what times. If you notice anything out of the ordinary like strangers talking on pay phones or walking though neighborhoods alert the authorities only when necessary, and keep your eye on them. If you notice persons taking photographs or recording other data let your neighbors know. Also watch out for “parkers” (people that sit in cars and watch what is going on or spy on people), it may be a sign that something is up. We don’t live in on the set of a hit TV cop show so don’t go crazy patrolling the neighborhood and making something out of nothing.

Now, take that scenario and think about what would have happened if nobody was staying in the basement and they were to be gone a few more days. The damage could have been so much more extensive. That would be the case for most of us. Out of town, something happens and there isn’t anyone to make us aware of the situation until we get home.

Complication of programming is another misunderstanding of many homeowners. These security systems are as easy to program as a remote or a VCR. The documentation that comes with each system walks one through the directions in layman’s terms.

Do make sure there’s a clear line of sight from the road to your house. Bushes and fences might make your yard look good, but if they provide a hiding place they also make the yard look inviting to a burglar.

Implement the force field. As far as literally getting under a burglar’s skin, the force field device is about as far as you can legally go in a home security system. Utilizing the same techniques in practice in the spy industry, the device sends out waves which cause confusion and a feeling of nausea in someone approaching your home. While it will not affect every person in the same way, it is certain to cause a feeling of distress – quite opposite from the boldness necessary to break into a home.