One of six homes in the united states will be a victim of a home burglary this year. Part of the reason that home burglary is so popular is because homeowners make it so easy. There are three things that burglars don’t like: time, light and noise.

Many homeowners have pets and feel that the pet will repeatedly be setting off the alarm. However, with the systems of today that is not a problem any longer. False alarms due to pets are not a worry due to the new type of pet-immunity in the new systems of today.

Guard dogs are basically the middle ground. Most of them are in the mid-range to large size and are bred to guard and defend. They bark if intruders are near and if there is an actual threat, they will defend their owner or the home. With regards to family friendly breeds, there is a wide selection to choose from.

However, threat is everywhere and your biggest threat are burglars. Sometimes even at your own home, there is always a possibility for break-ins. If you want to be secured, seriously consider these ways to keep your home safe.

Make your neighbor as your friends. Although this seems to have no connection at all, but it helps. It is important that you should have someone to rely on. They can be helpful to watch your house once in a while when you’re out of town. They will know if someone who enters your property is a member of a family or not. If this happens, they can inform you immediately.

A holdup panic button is more for a business, but it certainly would not be a bad thing to have at your house in your bedroom or office. It is a tool that can be used to alert authorities should a problem arise.

Become a stealth photographer. Taking photos of the goings-on in the night will give you clues to what to expect in the future. You may awake some day to find footage of a prowler trying to get close to your home or trying to mount a fence or wall you have erected. Having subtly placed cameras can be an invaluable Home Security tool. The other angle is you can watch something that is going on when you hear a noise in the night. Whether you have established a closed circuit for viewing or stream footage live via the internet, you’ll feel a lot safer knowing what is really happening.

Besides walls and/or fences, you can erect other obstructions to deter thieves. You don’t necessarily have to sacrifice appearances for home security purposes. You can for instance, put up trellises along the top of your fence or use them to complement any gates. These can add a fair amount of style to any wall or gate and you can even plant thorny roses or other such flowers that would add even more protection against intruders.